Lifts for rent

PR Construction Rental is an extension of our rental equipment design to provide 

Construction rental equipment to general contractors, painting companies or individuals and DIY customers. PR Construction Rental offers scissor lifts for rent, boom lifts for rent. 

Weather you need a construction lift rentals for a commercial project or small project; PR Construction Rentals can help with your lift rental equipment.

Boom rentals for Painting contractors

Painters and painting contractors have a great partner with PRC Constructions rentals. Our lifts for rent are a great addition to your project and will help you get the job done right and faster. Renting a scissor lift is as easy as operating one. Just call place your order and our delivery guys will be there to help with your project.

Lift rentals for Sign installation companies

Installing commercial advertising in a building using our lift or boom lift rentals is easier than using ladders. Fit all your equipment in our lifts and in a short time your sign job will be done.

Lift rentals for landscaping

Trim and cut trees using our lift rentals. Reach those hard places to get to using our boom rentals lifts. You can rent it by the day, week or monthly. 

Operating a scissor lift or boom lift

When operating a scissor lift rental or boom lift it is important to follow operating steps instructions for optimal safety and regulations. The operator of the scissor lift equipment rental or boom lift needs to make sure that their safety, as well as the safety of others and co-workers, is of the highest value. 

PRC Construction rentals provides scissor lifts and boom lifts rentals for all types of work and contractors/individuals. All of scissor lift for rent or boom lift rentals require the same sort of operating steps. Read below for more information.

Workspace Set up

Before beginning any project, you need to make sure you have prepared the space your construction team is going to work on. This includes warning signs such as yellow caution tape and red danger tape hardware such as hats and arness and proper permits of lift rental operation. For most scissor lift rental equipment, you will need red danger tape if there is a possibility that items may fall on top of people. 

Make sure you are using the scissor lift for rent on the appropriate ground. A smooth and stable surface would be best. This will prevent any potential injuries and accidents that may cause delays with your project. 

Be aware of the checklist 

Make yourself aware of safety procedures when using any equipment rental or boom lift for rent. Remember that platforms do not provide  protection against electrical conductions, power lines and even apparatus associated with electric currents. Avoid using a lift for rental near any electrical lines. The machinery of the lift rental is not insulated. It will not protect against electrical incidents.

Once you have cordoned off the area you wish to work, you then check for any potential obstacles, both on the ground and overhead. Make sure the ground is clear of any construction material such as wood, plywood, metal pieces or other equipment/tools for rent. 

Using a scissor lift or boom lift for rent

All of the controls for your job are always located in the centre of the operator section. Scissor Lifts have a high and low range to be used when travelling. Remember to be extra careful when traveling with the lift from point to point.

The high range can be used if you have a clear path, while a low range should only be used when you have a more difficult surface. Make sure you protect the platforms and railings when performing certain tasks and the operator is secured to the rail of the lifts for rent.